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They opens their eyes.


Water. Sip of juice.



Tears. Laughter.

How long was I out?

Years. Too long.

Hugs. Kisses.


They remembers.

Eyes bulge. Sweat.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

What about covid?

Scratching. Nodding.

Oh yeah. That was back then, right?

Turning to them. Patting their…

A writing experiment

All writing stems from sadness. No exceptions. Even those jingly jangly rhymes, the comic routines and the great comedies — they all want to make you smile, lift you up, if at least for a moment, but only through all the sadness within themselves and around them and you.


There have been different guidelines for managing cross references within python packages — relative paths, absolute paths, adding references within and using them elsewhere, and these have changed over time. …

This popped up in my stream today: What Android gets right that iPhone doesn’t. I could think of one, two, three, … many such things. So, took the bait. Seems like this one thing that Android gets right is related to notifications. Finally, I think! Android must have added the…

The first headline on my news feed today reads:

Second Stimulus Package: Trump Didn’t Issue Executive Order Today, Here Is What He Said About Extending Unemployment Benefits, Payroll Tax Cut, Eviction Moratorium And Student Loans (link)

This is just plain confusing — what does the semicolon (:) apply to —…

This is how I read the news.

To begin, I shall start reading Google news on a PC.

The top news article today is about Trump saying he will ban TikTok in the US. The first headline related to this news item reads:

Trump says he will ban TikTok through…

What could an endgame for coronavirus look like? What does it mean for it to be over? This is important to consider since most of the frustration and helplessness comes from not seeing the ways this could end. Facing the different possibilities might help us cope with the situation better…

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has disrupted life on a global scale. Many of us need to make tough choices to adapt to its impact on our life and routines. There are several high quality resources to understand what is happening, some referenced in this post. However, it is still hard…


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