One thing led to another

3 min readSep 9, 2020


This popped up in my stream today: What Android gets right that iPhone doesn’t. I could think of one, two, three, … many such things. So, took the bait. Seems like this one thing that Android gets right is related to notifications. Finally, I think! Android must have added the button I want: to toggle all notifications off and restore notifications back. But, … no such luck. Read the article (I got suckered in to click, why shouldn’t you?)if you wish.

Here is the one thing that Android gets right that iPhone doesn’t: Android does not force apps to force their user to buy content outside the app, and use it in the app. This has severely degraded my Amazon video and kindle ebook experience on i-devices.

The one thing that makes i-devices compelling over Android, for me, is the quality of notetaking apps. Good notes on iPad is way superior to any other free form note taking app on any platform (including a physical notebook).

However, the one thing that Microsoft OneNote has that Good notes doesn’t is cross platform notes— I can take notes and seamlessly switch between Android, iOS, mac, windows. If I had to pick a second thing, it would be OneNote’s infinite canvas.

The one thing that makes Samsung notes on Samsung galaxy tabs better than One Note is their calligraphic pen support with the s-pen. One note on any device, the apple pencil in general, are both inferior in quality of writing with a pen to that experience.

The one thing that makes OneNote better than Samsung Notes, again, is the cross platform support. I tend to use OneNote for this reason, across devices.

The one thing that makes reading on kindle on an Android tablet better than on the iPad is that I can buy books right from within the app on the former.

The one thing that makes the iphone a better choice for some people is the apple watch. But for me a square watch is just a no no. On the Android side of wear watches, some of them look real slick, and they all come with a pretty good watchface ecosystem.

One thing that makes a device better than others is not blocking the screen. No notch or camera hole on the phone, no lip on the smartwatch for me.

One other thing that makes one device better than another is the presence of a earphone jack. I do grudgingly use a tablet that has no earphone jack (Samsung Galaxy tab s6), but the wireless earbud or headphone experience is poor compared to the wired counterpart.

One thing that makes earbuds better than headphones is that they do not get in your way as much. for example listening to music in bed with headphones often reminds you of the band on top when you turn and move on around.

One thing that makes wired earphones better than wireless is the convenience of just plugging them in, as opposed to pairing, that does not work often as expected.

One thing that makes wireless earphones better is, no wires.

I do land up using wired earbuds where possible and wireless earbuds with the one device without a earphone jack.